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[recap] TVD – "After School Special" Round Table


What we think of Bonnie’s dad?

A: Lol, he’s like an absentee father that turns up on your doorstep one day and tries to run house. Just no. But the real question is – how long will he survive?

D: He has no right to be absent for years from her life and then suddenly come back and try to be a parent figure and try to boss her around.


Stefan being an extreme grumpy cat all episode…

A: On one hand, I understand him being butthurt over the fact that his brother and ex are getting it on, but come on! Has he been sleeping for the last 3 seasons? What did he think was going to happen after they broke up because she “had feelings” for Damon – stay celibate for all eternity? =S I think Stefan is legit the only person surprised that Delena got together. Even April knows!

D: He should’ve seen this coming and should probably know it’s not healthy for him to stay with her… like a LONG time ago!

damon elena i love you scene

Does Elena really love Damon or is it just the sire bond?

A: Does Elena love Damon? Yes! Would she be out there loud and proud about it without the sire bond? No. As much as I like Elena, as a human she was kind of a coward when it came to “taking risks”, especially with her heart because she’d lost so many people that she wanted a safe harbour, which used to be Stefan. Ofc, now that she’s a bad-ass vampire and can see past high school bullshit, she’s more open to risks. After all, once you’ve died, there’s really not much left to lose!

D: The writers are just being trolls and leaving both options open right now.  Due to this, they might pull out some bs result out of nowhere like the 3rd season ending.

tyler lockwood rage tvd

Poor Tyler! =( What will he do next in his rage/sadness?

D: He’ll probably find a way to mess up the cure for everyone else as revenge. There must always be an outlier!

A: I don’t know… but I like D’s answer!

jeremy gilbert well im off to take a shower

Can Jeremy be a real hunter? Will his arms get bigger??

A: I think Baby Gilbert has it in him to be a tough little cookie. He’s done getting pushed around by all the grown ups, guys! And if there’s anything you can bet on, it’s Jeremy’s getting buffer 😉

D: What? You mean his tattoo?

A: Lol.


What did you think of Rebekah’s “class session?” Will Stekebah happen now that Stelena is dunzo?

A: I thought it was good in the sense that it got everyone to “finally tell the truth” (in April’s words). Stefan and Elena spend wayyyyyyyyy too much time hiding from the truth of their relationship and feelings – it was good to see them FINALLY be honest with each other! They can’t be friends if they’re always lying. And as much as I want Stebekah to happen, Julie Plec has already said it’s a no go 😦

stefan and rebekah paul wesley claire holt

D: I think it was just her way of getting revenge and making them feel how she felt. Stefan and Rebekah won’t get together – they hate each other and they’re too twisted now. They’ll probably just help each other till it benefits them and then stab the other in the back.

professor shane kol silas tvd

What is Shane after, really? Can we trust him? WHO IS SILAS?!

A: I was like 100% sure Shane was Silas when he first told the story, but now I’m not so sure… I think his main objective IS to bring his family back from the dead, though. Like he told Elena, there’s no spell that can cure you from loving someone too much, and Shane looks like someone who’s out for revenge. So who knows, maybe he IS Silas’ alter ego, maybe he’s just a really good historian out to use it to his advantage.

D: I think Shane might be Silas with his powers locked away… and that’s why he needs to find the body/cure.

bonnie and professor shane tvd

Is Bonnie really still falling for Shane’s creepy crap even after realizing he’s got her doing blood sacrifice magic?!

A: I don’t know… gurl is cray. I think Bonnie has such as weird moral compass that she tends to over trust anyone who claims to be “fighting for the good”, rather than taking people at face value for who they are. Ultimately, I find that this will be her downfall. What happened to the girl who was no longer interested in being pushed around?!

D: No, but then, I think he might tempt her with “raising the dead” part because her mom and her grandmother are dead and they died unjustly in her mind.

Other thoughts….

A: Caroline is the worst BFF, ever to Elena. At this point, she should just walk around with a “Team Stefan only” T-shirt and save everyone the pain. This episode was kind of slow compared to other TVD action packed episodes. Of course, I really liked getting more clarity into Elena’s feelings and seeing the triangle progress, but beyond that and Shane’s revelation that Silas is going to raise the dead (which we  kinda already knew), there were no major plot advancements. No, Rebekah catching up on gossip does not count.

D: I think this episode was a filler to get some romantic appeasement to Delena and Stelena fans. It really had no sense of action. The only advancement of the plot that takes place is Silas… he’s the only good part of the story, but everything else is added on. All this romance stuff is filler.

So… Are all the residents of the nearby town destined to be killed by Jeremy? But if they die, who will make them food? WILL THEY EVER HAVE THEIR PIZZA???!!!

Also, random note: Kol is hot! Bonnie should get on that!

bonnie kol


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