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[photo recap] Girls – "It's About Time"

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I think this was a decent premiere, but it only seemed to serve 3 of the main 4 characters. We barely saw Jessa! What!

I think it definitely focused more on Hannah, and we got to see her struggling with maintaining this new relationship she has with Sandy (Danny Glover), which she’s trying to keep separate from the chaotic mess of her personal life and dysfunctional relationship with Adam. There’s definitely a lot of bitterness there between those two, and it was almost painful to watch Adam try to “make this relationship work no matter what”, especially when Hannah was so clearly NOT into it.She was bound to Adam through her guilt over his accident, not through love. It was a burden for her, and even though he could clearly see that, he just couldn’t let go. Last season, I was really surprised to see them break up so violently and felt a little bad for him, but this season, you can really see why Hannah would not want to be around him. When she finally did blow up and tell him to back off, the conersation was powerful and glorious:

H: “You know, I have tried this whole thing of being selfless and taking care of everyone around me, and being selfless, but you know what? I am an individual and I feel how I feel when I feel it and right now, I feel like I never want to see you again. Is that okay?”

A: “No, it’s not oaky.”

H: “Well, it’s NOT your choice! It’s my choice!”

At the end of the episode, she is back at Sandy’s apartment, and all the more happy for it! I am really excited to see Danny Glover on this show. His character seems cool and understanding, so I hope this relationship turns out better for Hannah than her last with Adam!


My favourite girl is still crazy and loveable as always. She starts off the episode doing some cleanse, thanking “the spirits” for the good things in life and then praying for Ray to be killed after he dumped her and wouldn’t return her calls post-coitus. For someone who held on to their virginity for so and then jusrt sort of through caution to the wind to sleep with Ray, you know his hit & run has got to hurt!

But she is determined to move on, so when comes over to Hannah’s party, she announces that she is over him and couldn’t care less if he showed up.

S: “I am woman hear me roar, you know what I mean? I may be deflowered but I am NOT devalued!”

But I am glad Ray still turns out to be interested in her because their dynamic of crazy-hyper girl with cynic-sarcastic-fascinated guy is just too fun to watch. They end up making out and getting back together by the end of the episode after Ray gives her a speech about how much he likes her vibrancy and charm.


Another (short) “aww” happens in the last few minutes of the episode when we finally see Jessa with her new husband, returning home from her honeymoon. Nothing has changed. She is still loopy and drunk as ever and so is he. But they are happy and that’s more than we can say for everyone else on the show!

Marnie, on the other hand, is where Hannah was last season – broke (?), fired, and with nobody to love. After being passive-agressively fired by her boss and being put down about her body and lack of sex life by her mother, Marnie ends up sulking at the party and running into Charlie and his new gf, neither of whom look very happy to be together. Charlie is still himself, running after the girl, being too available and clingy and not realizing it. After unsuccessful attempt at sleeping with Elijah (he just couldn’t keep it up! Oops!), she ends up at Charlie’s apartment, looking for some comfort:

M: “I’m not here to cause trouble. I know you have a girlfriend, but I just need to sleep next to someone tonight.”

C: “Okay”.

And that’s that! Like I said, overall decent episode, but not as fun and engaging as the pilot. I did like that the characters seemed to have evolved. Hannah is a far cry from the sad, self-depracating young woman she was in first season – she has finally started to appreciate and value herself as a person. Marnie has started to see the value in comfort, when in season 1 she was so overwhelmed and disgusted by it. Shoshonna has found someone to ground her hyper-activity, and Jessa seems to have someone just as whimsical as her to share good times with. As for the other characters? Well, most of them just seem to be lost (with the exception of Ray). Charlie is in a dead-end relationship and so is Elijah – will either of them get out?

I guess we’ll find out!

Here’s a promo and sneak peek from next week’s episode. Adam is going loco!


Sneak Peek:


“I Get Ideas” – Hannah gets unsolicited musical attention from heartbroken Adam and displeasing opinions on her writing from Sandy (Donald Glover). Elijah questions his sexuality; Marnie makes a career compromise when her curatorial dreams are crushed; Jessa revels in married life; Shoshanna and Ray make magic; and Elijah and Marnie harbor a secret.


What do you think?

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