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[photo recap] Girls #2 – "The Ladies"

If the title doesn’t say anything to you, you have not watched one of the most memorable scenes from this episode (and season)!

Without further ado, let’s begin. Here are The Ladies!

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Round up

I really liked how this episode tackled Jessa’s unwanted pregnancy for the most part – especially Shoshonna’s non-judgmental and accepting speech to her in the beginning. And then, we had Hannah play the “what’s the big deal? She should’ve used condoms!” guy, with Adam as her foil who points out that pregnancies are indeed a big deal. Hannah points out the bad logic in having a child when you’re not ready for it. I also liked them painting jessa as a woman who does want to have children at some point because a lot of people like to paint women who get abortions as “irresponsible, child hating sluts who do this on a regular basis”. Ugh.

I love love loved Shoshonna’s accidental comedy this episode, especially her “I’m a lady, she’s a lady, you’re a lady – WE ARE THE LADIES!” explanation. Never change bb ❤

I think Marnie comes off really unlike-able when she’s bitching at/about Charlie because he tries so hard to make her happy (though, of course, as she points out, he also ignores her constant unhappiness, hoping it will get better).

I like that they are contrasting Adam/Hannah’s relationship with Marnie/Charlie’s, but it’s such a constricting view, overall. This is not what most healthy relationships are like.

But, onwards and upwards! Next, episode 3!


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