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[photo recap] "Girls" pilot

Girls is coming of age tale of Hannah Horvath and her friends as they traverse life as broke 20-somethings in New York City. Though it has a cringe-inducing in its proclivity for “gross sex” scenes in the Pilot, the series is also poignant and refreshingly honest, portraying the drudgery, uncertainty, and thrills of the 20-something lifestyle when your parents no longer pay your bills and the champagne definitely isn’t flowing! One of the things I like about this series is that it is unafraid to go there. Non-perfect bodies in non-sexy sex scenes? Check! Perfect relationships coming undone because of boredom? Check! Virgins with low self-esteem and party girls with low self-esteem? Check!

The series has received critical acclaim and was actually the highest rated fictional debut in 2012. And now, it’s coming back on January 13 for a second season that is sure to be just as raw, audacious and funny.

So in that honor, I give you, Girls – season 1, complete review!

First up: Episode One

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And there she goes! This was certainly an interesting pilot – so much so, that the first time I watched it last year, I went through the entire season in a single night! I think the thing that really pulls me (and countless other people, evidently) to this series is that it’s not afraid to look into the ugly, mundane, unhappy side of life.

Hannah is a treasure trove of insecurities and imperfections and everyone can relate to at least one part of her. Just like Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda, every girl can identify with or has known a Marnie, Shoshona, Jessa and Hannah. Marnie’s uptight prep girl with a streak for perfection is juxtaposed with her desire to get out of her loving but deadasfish relationship with Charlie, who while sweet enough, seems to be ignoring her obvious displeasure with their relationship. I mean, when your girlfriend constantly avoids having sex with you, you know you’ve got a problem. In contrast, Hannah is “getting it in” (ugh, did I just quote Jersey Shore?! The horror!) regularly, but is unclear about where she stands with Adam. We don’t really get to see much of Adam this episode, except that he seems flaky and has terrible comedic timing.

We see a brief glimpse of Ray with his opium and weird gf, but he’ll come into play later in the season.

My favourite in this series so far has been Shoshona. She is so bubbly and insecure, constantly running her mouth 60 miles/hour, trying to cover up her imperfections. There’s something endearing about the way she fawns over Jessa and admits that she wishes she could “pull off that hat”, and then discloses her guilty pleasure: SATC!

This show – when it started – was heralded as the “SATC for the younger generation”. I like that they take that association and own it through Shoshona’s character. There’s no escaping these comparisons, so they might as well use them to their advantage!

Jessa is the trickiest. She seem flaky, yet ethereal. Jessa flows in and out of everyone’s life (much to Marnie’s frustration), but yet, she seems to genuinely care about her friends on some level, and maybe even Shoshona. After all, she listens to her endless talk as she unpacks and answers her fangirl questions with a straight face.

Favourite part: “I think I might be the voice of my generation. Or voice of generation.”

Cringe moment: Adam and Hannah’s sex scene was cringe inducing to the max. I re-watched this episode with a couple of friends (who had never scene) and they were positively mortified. I know Dunham wants sort of tackle “real life” head on and show the “real girls” that never get shown on TV, but that scene was longer than necessary, I think. I mean, do we really need to see Adam humping her for 30 secs? I think not.

Aaand that’s one down, nine more to go!

Stay tuned!


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