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[TV] Gossip Girl season 6 – Top Moments to talk about!

It’s been nearly a week since GG has ended. I’ve watched the finale twice, and it’s still a bit of a crazy ride out of the land of logic, but that’s Gossip Girl, folks!

There are far too many good moments in the earlier seasons of the series, particularly season 1 & 2, which were the show’s finest so far. So, I’ve decided to go through this season’s 10 episodes, and pick my favourite moments!

10) Chuck and Blair make a “pact”

As if last season’s Blair’s “pact with God” wasn’t enough! This was more cringe-worthy than “top moment”, but it certainly played into their entire arc this season. After having what seemed to be the most mind-blowing sex in Monte Carlo, C & B were determined to defeat their own personal demons and make a career for themselves before embarking on domestic bliss. And this somehow required that they not have sex or even kiss till they had “achieved their goals” (ugh, so tired of that phrase by now). Given that Chuck and Blair are at their best when they are scheming together, this was definitely my least favourite moment this season.

9) The gang interrupts Serena’s wedding… only not.

In a hilarious sequence from start to finish, this scene unravels in typical Gossip Girl fashion. Serena is off living a double life when her friends chase her down and decide to “do what is best for her”, which of course, means revealing all her dirty secrets to a houseful of Hampton guests.

As for why I pretended to be someone else… well, I think this speaks for itself.

8) Bart’s dead horses… or something?! And then he dies again!

The most convoluted and confusing storyline award goes to “Bart’s secret”. I’m not even going to expand on this because I’m STILL not sure what he was hiding other than randomly killing people on his own yachtes and planes and hiding some tax money. But what was the greater purpose behind all of this?! If you can figure it, let me know!

7) Serena/Steven/Sage/Nate’s incestuous circle *puke*

Lily birthed Serena who dated Nate who dated Sage whose dad is Steven who slept with Lily and then dated Serena.

Follow that… headache, right? Yup, such is Gossip Girl! I think it’s a wonder Serena and Chuck haven’t slept with each other yet… I guess that makes him Blair’s perfect man?

6) Lily/Rufus/Ivy/William *double puke*

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this group except for “eww”? I think this might be worse than Serena and Nate dating father and daughter. Ivy sleeps with not one, but two men old enough to be her father, who just happen to be Lily’s ex-husbands. Of course, in the end, neither of them end up loving her and she is left betrayed and on the outside, like she had always been. If there one theme that runs universal in this show, it’s that unless you’re born in it, the UES will use you up and throw you away.

Don’t worry though, she ends up turning into a screenwriter and gets a movie based on her memoirs, starring Lola and that character played by Hilary Duff – fun?!

5) The sex tape/runway scandals!

If there is one thing GG is knowing for – aside from the regular parties – is scandals. The whole show is built on a one big scandal of a blog, so it comes as no surprise that almost every other episode involves the committing of scandalous acts or revelations of them. The 3rd and 4th episodes delivered it in plenty as the “new It Girl in town” Sage ruined Blair’s fashion show and then her own cotilion in order to humiliate her dad’s gf and get them to break up. Of course, this ends up with the reveal of Serena and Dan’s sex tape from last season and Dan earning yet another well deserved slap!

(and a momentary glimpse of sanity from Nate, who dumps annoying Sage on the spot!)

4) The great cameos in the finale!

I’m shocked! I thought it was Dorota!

Says the New York mayor, I have to agree. Really, she would’ve been the perfect person! Anyway, all of these cameos were so great, including the later ones by Little J and Eric. I especially enjoyed Kristen Bell’s appearance because after 6 seasons of hearing her voice, it was nice to see her on screen. The cute (obvious? lol) wink was the GG cherry on top!

3) Dan becomes a whistle-blower / Georgina’s one-liners

I think this season heavily foreshadowed the identity of GG, especially since they decided to unmask Dan as the ultimate whistle-blower of the Upper East Side with his Vanity fair periodicals. While this may have given UESers the gift of delicious gossip, it gave us the gift of Georgina. The always hilarious reformed evil bitch used this season to become a “hot talent manager”, looking for the fun and excitement of yesteryear as she re-entered UES with a mission to scandalize it. She acts as Dan’s manager throughout the season and spouts off some of the best lines these writers have written.

Of course, her desire to escape the drudgery of married Brooklyn life ends up with her romantically entagnled with none other than another reformed troublemaker, Jack Bass. What about little Milo, you ask? Well, we never really see him, but I assume (hope?) he has a new step-daddy post-finale!

2) Chuck & Blair’s wedding

Possibly the most awaited moment in the show’s history, even above the GG identity reveal (because let’s be real, who really cared till this season, when they started hyping it up?). Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. This show’s power couple have gone through six seasons of ups and downs, including a bitter break up, a terrible betrayal (should I spell out h-o-t-e-l?), trust issues as well as other romantic hurdles. After being the center of the bitter Dair vs Chair battles in the fandom last season, they seemed to emerge united in season 6, vowing to marry each other once their respective goals had been achieved (see #10). But, of course, it couldn’t just be that simple. With Chuck & Blair, it never is!

They had the most beautiful wedding that could be thrown together in less than 3 hours in the middle of central park. I mean, even Anna Wintour could not get that dress delivered so fast! This lands #2 on my list because I really disliked the fact that the actual ceremony was SODAMNSPEDUP! Literally less than 30 seconds. After six seasons of buildup, this “epic” love resolves in a quickie wedding as the police run down the stairs to arrest the groom? Puh-lease!

The only thing that makes it worth is the fact that they are still together 5 years later in the flash-forward, and seem to be loving parents to the best cast child in television history.

1) Dan is Gossip Girl / Derena wedding

“Wow! That was a surprise!” – said no one who had watched the entire season, especially the penultimate episode that ended with Dan typing out the words “The Final Chapter”. While this was not the most creative route to take to identify Gossip Girl, on the plus side, we can not re-watch the entire series and replace Kristen Bell’s voice with Dan’s for every GG blast. And look for plot holes. Fun!

Speaking of hastily patched up relationships, I was really surprised to see Serena forgive Dan literally 30 seconds after it was revealed that he was the anonymous sociopath who had stalked her through her teens and ruined so many of her relationships. Seriously? Thankfully, they wait another 5 years to get married (after much therapy, hopefully!). The wedding itself was very beautiful; exactly what the show’s core couple should have had. It’s ironic, I suppose, that it was held in Chuck & Blair’s house.

I guess domestic bliss >>> perfect wedding?

Well, like Blair says “We make our own fairytales”.

And that’s it, folks! 5 years, 6 seasons, countless fandom meltdowns, and it’s finally over! I’d like to thank my twitter + tumblr followers (all 20.6+K of you! Omg!) for the great conversations during our live tweets and continuing to read and reblog my articles and tweets.

It might be the end of the series, but it is certainly not the end of me. I’ll be here, you’ll still hear from me, and read along as I watch more shows, enjoy more movies, discover new fandoms and devour more books.

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